jimJim is a decisive, proven leader with an impressive record of conceiving, developing and implementing strategic partnerships
and initiatives in economic and community development. Before joining the EDTC, James held a number of progressive
positions in both the public and private sectors including; CEO/Executive Director, White Mountain Academy of the Arts;
Senior Development Economist and Senior Community Development Economist, Ministry of Northern Development & Mines;
and, Manager of Economic Development, City of Sault Ste. Marie.

As a seasoned public sector professional, Jim has a 20-year track-record in the public service. Most notably, and in his
role as Chief Executive Officer, he was instrumental in the founding of the $30 million White Mountain Academy of Arts
As a Senior Development Economist, he facilitated a number of key projects and programs during his 12 years with the
Ministry of Northern Development & Mines. Jim's area of specialty is community economic development and crisis management.

With a 30 year passion for photography, and astrophotography Jim has demonstrated a talent for capturing the essence of a subject on earth or in the heavens.
He is particularly adept at portraying it in very expressive and complimentary ways....always innovation and on the leading edge of technology but with a style backed up by the confidence
that the beauty of the expression is in its honesty.

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